Selecting Your Perfect Show Jacket

Selecting Your Perfect Show Jacket
Lesa Hocutt
Lesa Hocutt

Each English riding discipline has its own rules and traditions concerning show coat suitability, and our expertly trained staff can help riders select the appropriate coat style and fit for their competition requirements. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of show coats including traditional hunter coats, modern jumper jackets, and bespoke dressage coats and shadbellys.   

Based on traditional fox hunting jackets, hunter show coats feature simple and classic styling in non-distracting, conservative colors. Hunter show coats feature 3 button fronts, double-vented back flaps, and front slash pockets.  Hunter shadbellys are worn for more 

formal hunter derbys and classics and are constructed with a cut-away, double-breasted button front and long, single-vented tails. 

Thanks to the high-powered dynamics of show jumping, jumper jackets feature 4 button fronts and shorter, more tailored fits. Bright colors are acceptable for jumper riders, and many riders sport jackets adorned with crystals, piping, and shiny accents. 

Traditionally very conservative, recent USDF rule changes have prompted a huge variety of dressage coat fashion choices. Dressage riders may now wear bespoke dressage coats in an array of colors to highlight their personal style.  Fancy embellishments are now allowed, and many dressage coats feature glittering crystals and stylized buttons. Dressage shadbellys, worn for the higher levels of dressage are more formal and feature dressage tails that are weighted down to lay still against the horse.

Find the Perfect Show Shirts and Coats at M&M Tack Shop

Whatever your discipline, discover the embodiment of grace and precision in your show coat from M&M Tack Shop today. If you have questions concerning show coat fit or styling, please call 919.851.0102 or email and we will be happy to assist you.

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