Considerations When Shopping for a Pre-Owned Dressage Saddle

Considerations When Shopping for a Pre-Owned Dressage Saddle

Aside from your horse, a saddle is the most important purchase you will make as a dressage rider. Purchasing a pre-owned saddle allows you to afford a higher quality saddle, presents a wider selection of brands, and, as in the case with our saddle trial option, you are able to ride in the actual saddle that you're considering. 

While our expert saddle fitters have inspected our pre-owned dressage saddles for condition, as a potential buyer you will want to take into consideration what brands and styles that may be of interest to you, and of course, your seat size and your horse’s tree size. We provide all pertinent information pertaining to our pre-owned dressage saddles including seat size, treewidth, serial numbers, flap configuration, and any customized features or included accessories.

Our pre-owned dressage saddle brands are respected for their durability and longevity, and proper care will ensure that your new pre-owned saddle will provide you with many enjoyable years of service. In fact, many brands offer their own leather care designed specifically for their saddles.  Wiping your saddle down after every ride and being sure it is properly conditioned will go far in extending its lifespan.

Choose Pre-Loved Dressage Saddles with M&M Tack Shop

Discover the perfect fit for your equestrian journey with our premium selection of used dressage saddles. Whether you're a dedicated Passier or Frank Baines enthusiast, a loyal Schleese rider, a Stubben aficionado, or a fan of Stackhouse and Prestige saddles, we have the right saddle for you. Explore our diverse range of high-quality, pre-owned saddles that are meticulously inspected and expertly maintained to ensure both comfort and performance. We also provide other equestrian products including saddle pads, bridles, and more. If you have any questions about our pre-owned dressage saddles, or you would like to arrange a trial, please call  919.851.0102  or email


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