Holiday Gifts for Every Horse Lover, & Horse, on Your List

Holiday Gifts for Every Horse Lover, & Horse, on Your List
Lesa Hocutt

With the holidays quickly approaching, savvy shoppers are looking for gifts for horse lovers and horses alike. Every year the question arises, how to find the perfect gift for the horse person in their lives? During this festive season, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift that will bring joy to your equestrian loved ones. Whether you're searching for a unique present for your barn secret Santa to your horseback riding young ones and horse trainer, we've curated a collection of thoughtful and exciting gift ideas to make your holiday shopping a breeze.  And, we didn’t forget your horse!

From cozy essentials that will ensure warm winter riding, to yummy horse treats, we've handpicked a diverse selection of items to suit a wide range of tastes. Our guide encompasses various collections, ensuring there's something for everyone, no matter their interests or preferences.

The holiday season can be overwhelming, but with our thoughtfully chosen suggestions, you can confidently navigate the world of equestrian gifting and find that special something that will make this holiday unforgettable. So, without further ado, let the joyous journey of holiday gifting begin! Explore our Holiday Gift Guide for horse lovers, horse riders, and horse owners alike, we have the perfect Christmas gifts for you.


Equestrian Family Members & Barn Buddies 




Barn party Secret Santa's, your horseback rider BFF, or your neighbor who's always telling you about her riding lessons, holiday shopping for the horse lovers on your list can be a challenge. M & M Tack Shop has thoughtful gifts to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Perfect for cold days at the barn, or for running errands around town, winter equestrian clothing like vests, English riding attire, and halters is always a hit.  We proudly carry renowned equestrian sportswear brands such as Ariat, Cavallo, and Kerrits. Equestrians always struggle with how to stay warm and mobile while riding and will certainly appreciate a gift that will enable them to do so.  Cavallo’s Golda Jacket will certainly bring squeals of joy to your horse-mad daughter while Kerrits Up Tempo Fleece Neck Warmer will delight your barn Secret Santa.  Ariat’s Gridwork 1/4 Zip Baselayer is ideal for layering, and SSG’s Winter Gripper Gloves will keep the rider’s hands warm and comfy on even the coldest day.  For more amazing gift ideas, please visit our Seasonal Sportswear collection.

Belts are always popular, and Ellany belts have been a sure choice for equestrians this year. Available in a multitude of colors and patterns these belts are adjustable for any size, perfect for gifting. Also wildly popular, and perfect for equestrians, goodr Sunglasses will bring a smile to any recipient.

Equestrians can never have enough saddle pads, and we proudly carry such popular saddle pad brands as dreamers & schemers, Sixteen Cypress and ThinLine. Any rider on your shopping list will be thrilled with a new saddle pad and we have unlimited colors and fun patterns to choose from.


Gifts for Young Riders



Young riders are always fun to shop for and we have the best gifts!  From educational toys that will bring hours of fun enjoyment, to warm sportswear for cold winter days, M & M has the perfect gift ideas to bring joy to the young riders on your list.

For the youngest of horse lovers, Crafty Ponies' irresistibly cuddly soft toy ponies allow children to learn about ponies in a fun and playful way. The ponies themselves, along with their tack and accessories are as realistic as possible to help children learn how it all looks, works and fits.

An all time favorite, Breyer Horses realistic equestrian models, toys and accessories are loved by horse fans everywhere. As a Breyer flagship store, M & M is pleased to offer a wide selection of Breyer models, accessories, craft and activity sets and blind bags. We also stock Breyer's 2023 Holiday Collection, including Breyer's iconic holiday horse, with gifts for Breyer loves of all ages. 

Other fantastic horse lover gifts for Young riders who enjoy looking stylish at the barn. They will certainly do so in the R.J.Classics Logan Jr. 1/4 Zip Training Shirt. Dreamers & schemers Pony Love spur straps will delight young riders and will pair nicely with Ovation Child's Zock Boot Socks. 


Gifts for Horse Trainers



If you are a rider yourself, you understand the trepidation that shopping for your trainer, or your child's, evokes.  Trainers have everything, including set ideas on their likes.  M & M proudly offers trainer proof gift ideas that they will surely love.

Add a touch of glamor and warmth to your trainers’ lessons with Ariat sumtopus Ideal Down Coat. Beautiful quilting paired with reliable warmth will ensure that your trainer teaches lessons and schools riders at shows in style.

Down time is rare for trainers, so they will surely appreciate the super comfy Stall Rest slippers. Theses fuzzy sherpa fleece slippers are lined with silky soft faux fur for the ultimate in comfort after your trainer kicks off their boots.

Cavallo's Goodje Headband will add a subtle touch of sparkle to enliven any trainer's cold weather bundling, and Horseware's Amigo Ripstop Waterproof Dog Dog Rug will keep your trainer's best friend happy as well.


Gifts for Horses



Last, but definitely not least are the horses on your shopping list.  Whether it’s your own trusty steed or your niece’s mini, treats are always the #1 equestrian gift on horse’s holiday wish lists.  With a wide selection of treats, M & M Tack Shop can cater to any horse’s tastes.  A perennial favorite, Mrs. Pastures just introduced their newest recipe, the Super Cookie. These delightful cookies are made with sweet potatoes, turmeric and kelp, without molasses or other added sugar (perfect for insulin-resistant equines).  Our staff taste tasters, from the pickiest pony to the most discerning mare have given them a solid 2 hooves up!  If you’re looking to indulge your favorite horse with ultimate in-treat nirvana, may we suggest German Horse Minty Muffins, made with a Brach’s Star Brite mint center. Available in multiple sizes, any horse will be thrilled to find these in their stocking!

Other popular gifts for horses include Epona’s Flexible Glossy Groomer Curry, perfect for those itchy areas, while HAAS Diamond Diva Merino Lambswool Brush will pamper their coats. Woof Wear’s Ergonomic Fly Veil will protect your favorite equine’s delicate ears and Catago’s Fir-Tech Quarter Rug will keep their muscles supple on cold winter rides. 

Happy Holidays from M & M Tack Shop!

As the Christmas season unfolds, we hope this gift guide has sparked inspiration and joy in your quest to find the perfect present for your equestrian loved ones. Whether you're aiming to create unforgettable memories, add a touch of luxury, or simply bring smiles to faces, these suggestions are designed to make your gift-giving experience seamless and delightful. From thoughtful tokens to indulgent treats, may your holidays be filled with warmth, laughter, and the joy of giving. If there is any way that M & M may help with your holiday gifting, please contact us at 919.851.0102 or email  Also, remember that we offer Gift Cards in any denomination.

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