Collection: HAAS Grooming Brushes

          Founded in 1919 in Germany's Black Forest, Haas high-quality brushes are renowned world wide for their longevity and durability.   Designed without glues, nails or screws, these shatterproof brushes are often created from a single plastic mold, making them safe for horse and rider.   

          The innovative design of Haas brushes ensures longevity, with the bristles and handle incorporated directly into the body of the brush. Haas brushes are available in a wide selection of bristle materials (synthetic rice root, coconut fibre, horsehair and sheepskin), sizes and functions to meet every grooming need.  Their shape retaining, synthetic brushes are constructed of non-scratch synthetic material that is gentle on the horse and easy to clean. 

          With a legacy of handmade engineering, superior craftmanship and optimum performance, Haas Grooming Brushes will leave your horse with a immaculately clean and gleaming coat.