Collection: Arenus Animal Health


“Every product, as with every effort of Arenus Animal Health, serves the singular purpose of supporting better, more complete health and wellness through nutritional science. Our philosophy is grounded in the thought that more is not always better. If you’re feeding a large cocktail of daily supplements to your horse, then something is wrong with the program or the supplements themselves. Many horses, particularly performance horses, will benefit from supplementation. However, you need to be critical about the supplements you’re giving your horse.


Our line of supplements is limited to those that provide optimum health and serve a purpose in solving a problem. Our products contain the highest formulation technology, the best ingredients, and proven researched results. For that reason, you will find simple, straightforward ingredients and a product lineup designed to work with your overall care program to promote long term health and wellness.


We guarantee that our products will help with the major challenges they are formulated to address. Whether it’s for digestive, reproductive, respiratory, structural, or overall health, our products simply work.