Collection: COAT DEFENSE®

Something better for you, your animals & the planet that we share.

Coat Defense wasn't origially developed for animals.  It was developed for human skin.  Founder Sandy Polentes was chronically ill and had to stop using conventional makeup and skincare products. Over time, her heath improved, but she couldn't find an effective deodorant.  Her husband, Vince, created an organic deodorant that worked an Sandy shared it with friends.  This lead to a line of organic skincare products called Bausc.

In 2016, horse trainer Zena Byrne contacted Sandy asking for Bausc in an enormous container.  She had used the powder on her horse to dry sweat when it was too cold to hose.  The powder made the mare's rain rot fall off instantly! Zena had used every product available to treat her mare and nothing had worked.

Sandy, Vince and Zena worked together to test the powder on other horses and found identical results.  Unlike some of the alternatives, Coat Defense is entirely natural, without any harsh or dangerous chemicals. Today, some of the country's top riders, grooms, trainers and veterinarians use Coat Defense to speed healing for bug bites and wounds on humans.