Collection: New Saddles

The Brands You Love & The Knowledge You Expect

So much goes into purchasing a new saddle.  What discipline and at what level do you and your equine partner perform?  What is the right fit for you?  What is the right fit for your horse? Purchasing a new saddle can be overwhelming.
That's where our expertly trained staff can help. 

We have partnered with some of the best saddle manufacturers in the industry to provide you with a full range of choices to meet both you, and your horses, needs.  We can help you determine what saddle will be most advantageous to your style of riding, and can find the perfect fit for you.  Our highly trained saddle fitters can ensure that your new saddle fits properly to help you horse perform it's best.

If you have questions about any of our new saddles, please email or call. 919.851.0102